Yummy Onion And Carrot Fried Rice

Onion And Carrot Fried Rice.

Onion And Carrot Fried Rice. That basic Deep Onion And Carrot Fried Rice is among one of definitely the ways utilise left over grain, and it`s geared up within 18 minutes. It`s great without attention and also being a section

Onion And Carrot Fried Rice Today, We are going to educate you steps to make Onion And Carrot Fried Rice with simple ingredients, exactly like Chinese restaurants. My Onion And Carrot Fried Rice recipe is the better in the planet!

I will also teach you on how to use up leftover steamed rice and make it into an appetizing, cheap, and flavorful meal for your family!

Can I Cook Onion And Carrot Fried Rice?

Onion And Carrot Fried Rice possibly probably most ordered meal or side on the menu at any take out restaurant, Onion And Carrot Fried Rice is loved by people all over the world. Adding crispy bacon to it helps it to be so good, you dont desire to order in after trying it out! Most recipes adhere to just soy sauce as a flavour base, but over time of earning it, I have found the best flavour combination to be manufacturen from just four extra ingredients.

You can cook Onion And Carrot Fried Rice using 13 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Onion And Carrot Fried Rice

  1. You need of ham option.
  2. You need of thinly sliced cured ham.
  3. It’s of oil.
  4. Prepare of butter.
  5. It’s of large dice sweet onion.
  6. It’s of medium grated carrots.
  7. Prepare of seasoning option.
  8. Prepare of salt and pepper or szechuan peppercorn salt.
  9. It’s of dried parsley.
  10. You need of garnish option.
  11. Prepare of small canned peaches in syrup (drain).
  12. Prepare of almond slice.
  13. You need of cooked white rice.

Onion And Carrot Fried Rice step by step

  1. On parchment paper baked at 200 C /400F for few minutes,the thinly sliced cured ham till its lightly brown and crispy.
  2. In pan with oil and butter saute the sweet dice onion in liw,heat for about 10 to 15 minutes then grated a carrot and and season with salt mix well.
  3. Add cooked white rice with 1tbsp of light soy sauce then stir fry to mix well and season with black pepper or you can use LG's Szechuan Peppercorn Salt too https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/365283-szechuan-peppercorn-salt.
  4. Finally garnish with dried parsley and spoon unto a small bowl and turn over on the baked ham.
  5. Serving option,,,,,onion and carrot fried rice on baked ham as it is or you could garnish with a piece of mini peach and almond slice for a beautiful presentation.

Some tips to cook Onion And Carrot Fried Rice

Please do not use fresh steamed rice because the rice grains have an excessive amount of moisture content and too starchy for stir fry. The rice will clump and stick together in lumps.

Use leftover steamed rice, or “overnight” rice. It means rice that were left overnight in the refrigerator while the rain grains are drier and have lost the moisture content.

The next time you dine out at Chinese restaurants or takeout restaurants, ask for an extra serving of steamed white rice. Carry it home and keep in the refrigerator. The following day, you have an ideal “overnight” or leftover rice which can be ideal for making this recipe.

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